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Task List helps you manage your everyday tasks, making your life more organized
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2 October 2006

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What do we do when we have lots of tasks chalked out in our minds and we are wondering what to start first? We draw a list of all the desired tasks and activities on a piece of paper and then decide what to do first. Whether it is grocery shopping or cleaning up the house or simply helping the kids with the homework, there are umpteen numbers of actions that need to be performed on a daily basis and with our stressful lives taking a toll on our brains and memory; listing out the tasks definitely enables the user to remember each requirement and take suitable decisions on the said basis. Task List 1.0 is a computer program that provides an easy looking interface to manage everyday tasks and makes things more organized for the user.

Task List opens with a unique and intuitive looking interface with the main options placed at the top and the main screen displaying the individual task lists priority wise that the user can set and choose. The software helps in sorting out all important issues and keeps them right in front of user with its especially designed interface. Within a few mouse clicks, the user can add and delete tasks along with setting reminders and alarms and also save space on this program, the user can structure the tasks on the desktop with all lists visible with a cursor movement. The program and included tasks can be moved and positioned anywhere on the screen and prioritize them with a vibrating alert that would be clearly visible on the desktop.

Overall, Task List 1.0 surely enables the user to effectively organize and manage tasks and activities that can belong to professional or personal category and hence gets a rating score of 3.5 points for its impressive working.

Publisher's description

Task List provides an easy way for you to manage your list of everyday tasks, making your life easier and more organized. Desktop resident at all times, all your important issues will always be at your fingertips! Designed for easy access and with a minimum number of mouse clicks for all of its options, adding, deleting, setting alarms and changing priorities has never been easier! Add a task by clicking the '+' icon, enter description, choose a priority when needed and click OK. That´s it! To save space, your task description is truncated on the desktop, and to see all of it as a tool tip just move the mouse cursor over each task. Your tasks can also be easily moved and positioned anywhere on your desktop.. High priority tasks (red button) are automatically sorted to always reside at the top of the list. Any task set to trigger an alarm will do so by vibrating on the desktop, optionally giving off a sound as they do so. There is also a print option, whereby you will get a handy printout copy of all your tasks. Task List is logical and very intuitive, but help is still just a mouse click away. Just click the '?' icon to access the on page manual!
Task List
Task List
Version 1.0
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